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Lemonade ice e-juice by Dr Frost’s new collection of e-juices Frosty Fizz.  Lemonade Ice is combined with fresh Sicilian lemons, with a sharp citrus slushy ice soda with notes of a minty menthol that has then crushed into an icy pulp – seems pretty simple! However, this flavour profile has been mastered into this incredible blend to create absolute perfection! 

Obviously, the “Frosts” favourite time of year is that of cold, and festive celebrations, so, Dr Frost’s gift to you that can be enjoyed ALL year-round is Lemonade Ice e-juice, the first fourth e-juice that is apart of the new collection of the Frosty Fizz e-juice range.

Lemonade Ice e-juice by Dr Frost is a polar rendition of the classic homemade lemonade with fresh juicy Sicilian lemon’s hand-picked from the fields in Italy, cut then frozen and blended into a slushy lemonade soda. Dr Frost always has the right tools for the job, in this case, Dr Frost has brought out if HUGE ice hammer, which is used to mash apart the fresh juicy Sicilian lemons, Dr Frost then mixes the lemonade Ice puree with the sweetest fizzy soda mix know to man to create this out of this world Lemonade Ice e-juice which sure is a refreshing delight that will awaken even the pickiest of tastebuds with frozen fruity goodness.

Dr Frost’s new Lemonade Ice e-juice will deliver you a refreshing hit of juicy hand-picked juicy Sicilian lemons, sharp undertones of citrus and minty menthol mix with Dr Frost’s secret fizzy mix to recreate the much loved homemade Lemonade. This e-juice is a great balanced e-juice, a simple but perfected flavour profile that you can enjoy all year round. Lemonade Ice e-juice is an irresistible flavour profile, a true all-day-vape of fruit juice madness, Lemonade Ice e-juice by Dr Frost is true perfection.  

All in all, if you love the flavours of refreshing homemade juicy Sicilian Lemonade, then Lemonade Ice e-juice by Dr Frost will be one of your all-time favourites.

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Lemonade Ice e-juice by Dr Frost comes in.

  • Lemonade Ice by Dr Frost comes to you in a 100ml short fill e-liquid bottle.
  • Lemonade Ice by Dr Frost is mixed at 70% VG / 30% PG.
  • Lemonade Ice is made in the UK by the team at Dr Frost!
  • Lemonade Ice by Dr Frost comes with a Childproof Cap.

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