Double Apple Shisha E-Juice by Nasty Juice


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Double Apple Shisha e-juice

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Double Apple Shisha E-Juice by Nasty Juice!! who does not love Double Apple Shisha, while sitting around the coffee table enjoying a fresh hot coffee with family and friends?

While 99% of the e-juice brands we know and love from all over the world have covered and perfected the tobacco e-juice flavour profiles, Nasty Juice is in the 1% of e-juice brands to venture into the space of creating a shisha inspired e-juice for everyone to enjoy. Doubble Apple is one of the classic favourites among the shisha bar’s inventory which is loved by many. Nasty Juice has paired the sweeter flavour notes of the red apple with a juicy and ever so slightly sour green apple.

Nasty Juice has created a new signature range of e-juices showcasing the famous Shisha flavours, these exciting blends utilising exotic and traditional flavour profiles all e-juices in this signature series carry a slight Charcoal-Esque undertone as you would expect from using a Shisha. Nasty Juice has absolutely set the bar high with this new line of signature series e-juices and has once again exceeded our expectations as we are sure they will exceed yours!

If you are a lover of Shisha then Doubble Apple Shisha is the e-juice for you.

Double Apple Shisha e-juice by Nasty Juice.

  • Double Apple Shisha e-juice comes to you in a 60ml e-liquid bottle.
  • Double Apple Shisha e-juice is mixed at 70% VG / 30% PG.
  • Double Apple Shisha is made in Malaysia by the team at Nasty Juice.
  • Double Apple Shisha e-juice comes with a Childproof Cap.

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