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Peach Mint Iced Tea premium e-liquid by Dinner Lady features a tropical and cooling blend of ripe juicy peaches, with a twist of mint.

When you are soaking in the sun on a summer day, do you dream of a Peach Mint Iced Tea poured over ice?  If so The new Peach Mint Iced Tea premium e-liquid by Dinner Lady is what you have been looking for.

This premium e-liquid by Dinner Lady has a special treat for you.

Peach Mint Iced Tea premium e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a deeply refreshing and intoxicating premium e-liquid that explodes with a ripe juicy peach flavour blended with a cool refreshing hint of mint. Each puff of Peach Mint Iced Tea premium e-liquid is like a refreshing sip of Lipton’s Peach Iced Tea.

With each inhale of  Peach Mint Iced Tea premium e-liquid by Dinner Lady your taste bubs will be treated to a juicy ripe peach with a twist of fresh mint leaves that bathes your palate and cools down your tongue.

Gradually, a rich fresh brewed tea flavor adds a touch of boldness to the flavour profile.

Peach Mint Iced Tea Premium E-Liquid by Dinner Lady comes to you in:

  • Size: 60ml
  • Strength: Ready to Vape
  • VG/PG Ratio: 70/30
  • Origin: Made In The UK
  • Ingredients: PG, VG, Natural and Artificial Flavours, this Premium E-Liquid from Dinner Lady DOSE NOT CONTAIN NICOTINE

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